Sunny Safaris has more than 100 employees dedicated to providing guests with efficient and friendly service, and an outstanding safari experience.

Staff includes:

  • driver guides
  • walking safari guides
  • mountain guides
  • cooks
  • camp crew
  • maintenance team (who maintain our fleet of safari vehicles and other mobile equipment to the highest standards)
  • safari planners (to help you plan your perfect safari)

We match our guides to your interests. In addition to an excellent general knowledge of the National Parks and the animal kingdom, each of our guides is a specialist in a particular area: ornithology, ecology, animal behavior, etc.   Our professionally licensed mountain guides have all climbed Kilimanjaro numerous times by the different routes, and know the mountain intimately.  All guides are fluent in at least English and Kiswahili, and often other languages as well.

You can meet a selection of our staff below:

Salvatory Ngowi

Kilimanjaro Guide

I’ve been guiding climbers since 1997, it is my passion and my bread earning. My tribe comes from the base of Mount Kilimanjaro. I am Chaga born, and brought up in the village of Marangu. I’m fluent in Kiswahili and English and, obviously, my Mother tongue Kichaga.

Before I take climbers onto Kilimanjaro, I first make sure everyone is fit for the climb, so I give a detailed brief explaining the full itinerary. If you wish to stay at Ash Pit Furtwangler, I welcome you.

Damian Tango

Damian Tango

Cook – trekking guide

My profession is cooking on mobile camping safaris.  I also lead groups on walking safaris from Nainokonoka to Oldoinyo Lengai (Lake Natron, and also up Mount Meru).

Some of the meals I like to cook for our safari guests are Pizza, Vegetable Kish, Curries, Rice, Chateau Potatoes and African food. I also cater to guests with special diets – Karibu!

Workshop Staff

Azeem Hussein

Workshop Manager

I have trained my team staff to ensure all vehicles are well maintained and are in immaculate condition before departing on a safari. I have several departments to ensure all goes well for you while you are on safari with Sunny.  My team consists of:

  1. Mechanical department.
  2. Panel beating and re-spraying for all body work, including interior, middle pop-up roof, front flip-roof, carrier, tyre/tire rack, and on special request for photographers, we will also mount camera holders on the door-sides, remove side glass (windows) and fit canvas for close-up photography.
  3. Electrical Department to make sure all necessary systems are in order including HF radio communication, Mobility DC to AC (Input Voltage DC 12V (DC 24V), Output -Voltage AC220-240V / AC 100-120V inverter charger for Cameras and/or video. On request, we also fit Wi-Fi (extra charge).
  4. The Administrator responsibility is to check and make sure that all parts are available in the workshop for replacement, when needed, for maintenance of safari vehicles, as well to monitor vehicle's condition and mileage to schedule for replacement.
  5. Wheel department will maintain tyres/tires according to road/terrain and distance for safety measures (to avoid unnecessary punctures on Safari).
  6. Our supervisors will also make sure the vehicles are neat and clean for your Safari, and make sure they are properly equipped with emergency supplies including High Lift Jack, Two Spare Wheels, Tow-rope, Shovel, Toolbox, Machetes (Panga), First Aid Kit, Cooler Box, etc.
Hamisi Abdullah Msiagi

Hamisi Abdullah Msiagi

Store Keeper

I manage the storehouse. I prepare and load camping equipment and supplies as per the requirements of each safari.  When the client books a safari with our Head office, I will receive a list showing the type of safari, the number of people traveling, and other special requirements (for example, if a guest is physically challenged).

The three levels of camping I might prepare for include: Adventure Camping, Semi Luxury Camping, and Luxury Camping – all these safaris are "Mobile," which means the guests will move from one place to other, with our cook and guide setting up each campsite at each location.  My teammates are highly qualified to deal with all type of terrain and weather, so I want to make sure they have everything they need for every possibility.  I have more than 17 years experience in this industry.

I would like to welcome you all to enjoy nature close-up for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.