Mahale Mountains National Park

Good, sturdy walking shoes are a must if you plan on visiting Mahale Mountain National Park!  The park, located on the eastern shore of Lake Tanganyika, in western Tanzania, has no roads or infrastructure within the park.  Only accessible by boat or plane, this park offers lots of adventure and activities for the more intrepid visitors.



The largest known population of chimpanzees reside in Mahale Mountains National Park.  As well, it is the only location where chimpanzees and lions are known to coexist. The dry season (May- October) provides the best option for walking safaris to track these incredible primates.

Lake Tanganyika

It is the second largest freshwater lake in the world; the longest, and one of the deepest.  46% of Lake Tanganyika is located on the western edge of Tanzania. At least 1500 aquatic species are believed to inhabit the lake ecosystem. Boating, snorkeling, and swimming are all regular activities for lake goers.

Mahale Mountains

Creating a picturesque tablet on the park’s landscape, Mount Nkungwe, the highest peak in the range, stands a majestic 2462m (8077 ft) high.


Along with the chimpanzees, red-tailed and blue monkeys make their home in the park; along with Angola and red colobus, mongoose, duiker, zebras, warthogs, giraffes and antelope.

In fact, 82 species of mammals and over 355 species of birds have been recorded within the park.


  • Established as a national park in 1985
  • Size: 1613 sq km (623 sq mi)
  • location: 128km (80 mi) south of Kigoma, and south of Gombe Stream National Park, on the east coast of Lake Tanganyika in western Tanzania.


  • tented camps
  • campsites


  • walking safari to see the chimpanzees
  • tour a nearby village

Signature Gombe itinerary:

8 Day / 7 Night Lodge Safari

Mahale Mountains - Kigoma Town - Gombe Stream

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